Templates Guide

Creating a new Template

For creating Broadcasts or Automated Drip Campaigns the first step starts with approving a Template.
For Promotional Broadcasts the most suitable Category is Marketing.

Choosing a language for the template

Here you can choose the Language according to the content of the Template Message.
Template message content should be the same as the Language selected. Otherwise, the templates might get Rejected. For example: If Spanish was selected but the content is English or the content is a mixture of languages containing both Spanish and English. This will lead to Rejection of the Template.

Selecting a Media Type

  • Select a Media Type for the Template.
  • Once a Media Type is chosen, then the template requires the same Media type while being sent to the users.
  • You can not send any other Media type except which the Template was Approved with.
Failures due to wrong Media Type: If a template is approved with an Image:
  • The template will require an Image while sending it to the user.
  • It can not contain a Video or PDF.

Template Message Body

  • Enter the Message Body that you want to send out to the users.
Add Formatting in the Template:
  • *Bold* - Bold
  • Italics - Italics
  • ~Strikethrough~ - Strikethrough
Click on + Add Variable to add values that will be dynamic for the recipients. Example: Name, Order ID, Product Names, etc.
Once the template is Approved, you will only be able to change the Variables values and no other content can be changed.

Adding Buttons in the Template

There are two types of buttons that you can add to the Template.
Call to Action
Quick Reply
Call to Action buttons can help you link an action to the Button.
You can add a maximum of two Call to Action buttons in a Template.

Call Phone Number

With the click of this button, a Phone Call action is triggered on the Smartphone Dialer.

Visit Website

With the click of this button, the users are redirected to a Landing page.

URL Type

  • Dynamic URL (Recommended for Promotional Broadcasts) You can approve a prefix of the URL with a Variable. This will give you the flexibility of changing the landing page URL even after the Prefix is Approved.
  1. 1.
    Get the template Approved with the Dynamic URL: https://www.quickreply.ai/
  • Static URL You can approve a URL as Static if it will not change after.
Please make sure to add UTM Parameters in the Static Links. UTM Parameters help you to track:
  1. 1.
    Sales through a Promotional Campaign.
  2. 2.
    Click-Through Rates.
  3. 3.
    And much more stats.
Quick Reply buttons act as a reply action. Quick Reply buttons can Trigger:
  1. 1.
    Keywords-based playbook Action.
  2. 2.
    Hook with Playbooks actions
You can add a maximum of three Quick Reply buttons in a Template.

Adding Sample Values

Here you will be able to add the Sample Values for the Variables you added in the Message Body and the Dynamic URL.
The Samples Values should not be Dummy Values and must resemble some meaningful value when read with the Actual Template.
Dummy Sample Values may lead to Rejection of the Templates.

Approvals and Rejections

Once you Submit the Template with the Sample values you can check the status for that Template on the dashboard.
You may click on Sync Templates to fetch the latest approval status from WhatsApp. https://app.quickreply.ai/campaigns/templates
This is the initial state of the Template after submission.
  • Templates approval is an automated process from Facebook and can take up to 2 days.
  • In extreme cases, it can extend.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have a hold over the speedy Approvals and cause for Rejections!
A Template can be Rejected due to multiple reasons. A few of them are mentioned below:
  • Use of URL shorteners (bit.ly, tinyurl, goo.gl, etc.)
  • Messages with misspellings or grammatical errors.
  • Adding Dummy Values in Samples.
  • Using the template message content that does not match the Language selected.
You may read META Official Documentation regarding Templates below.
Now that the Template is Approved, you can now create:
  • Schedule Broadcasts
  • Create Automated Drip Campaigns