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How to export leads captured on chat by QuickReply.ai?

This tutorial explains how you can export the leads captured on chat by QuickReply.ai.
There are two ways you can export the contact details of customers who used chat in the past.
Follow these simple steps to export leads or customer information from QuickReply's Admin Panel
  1. 2.
    You will see a screen like this. Just choose the time period for which you wish to export the data.
  2. 3.
    And that's it, you are done.

    2. Export QuickReply.ai Leads from your Shopify Console

    QuickReply.ai syncs the user data (specifically name, email, and phone number) captured on chat with your list of customers in Shopify. This is enabled by default. Whenever QuickReply.ai creates a new customer in Shopify, it adds a tag to the customer like as shown below
    Follow these steps to export customers information created by the chatbot
    1. 1.
      Go to your Shopify's Merchant Panel
    2. 2.
      Go to Customers Tab
    3. 3.
      Click on Tagged With and add the tag as QuickReply.ai
      4. Now, you will see all the customers who were created by QuickReply.ai in your Shopify Store.
      5. You can then export the data from the panel by clicking on the "Export" option on the top.
      Note: Please note that if a customer already exists in your Shopify Store and comes to chat later, that customer is not tagged with QuickReply.ai unless and until any field is updated by the chatbot. So, you will always find a difference in the data exported using the two methods. The data exported using method 1 will always be a superset of data exported using method 2.