Phone number requirements, Business Profile & Migration

Do I need phone number for WhatsApp integration?

Yes, All messages are sent from a phone number. You will need to provide a phone number from which messages will be sent.

Do I need to purchase a new number?

To link your phone number with, WhatsApp (Business or personal) should NOT be installed on that number. You can either purchase a new number, or delete WhatsApp account from that number and share us the number. If you delete WhatsApp and link that number with, you have to use to send/receive messages. Please note that messaging charges apply as per your plan.

How long it takes for verification, and how will users contact me on whatsapp if takes long?

It usually takes 2-3 days. If you are using existing number on which WhatsApp is active, you will need to delete WhatsApp account after verification is done, at the time of OTP verification. Messaging would be disabled only for max 1-hour at the time of OTP verification, as per your chosen time.

Can I migrate number from some other company where Business API is already enabled?

Yes, Please your existing company to disable 2FA then you can migrate that number to

Why do I need Business Manager verification?

Facebook/WhatsApp wants to ensure validity of business, whom WhatsApp API access has been given. So it required to verify your Facebook Business Manager before we can apply for WhatsApp Business API account. You will need to upload business related documents. Steps for business manager verification.

What happens to my existing chats if I delete WhatsApp account?

Unfortunately we can not import existing chats to QuickReply. Alternatively you can change number to another number on your WhatsApp to keep existing chats.

Will customers see my phone number or name?

By default customers will see phone number. if they check your whatsapp profile, your business profile (similar to the one with WhatsApp Business app) will be displayed, where they can see description, logo, contact details etc.

But I have received messages from businesses showing name with Green Tick (flipkart, makemytrip etc). Can I have that too?

Green Tick verification is different from WhatsApp Business API verification. We can help you prepare and submit your application for that after a couple of months of active usage. However please note Green Tick status is subject to approval from WhatsApp. It would be given if you are in Tier 2 or above and well-know business with good media presence or recognized by well-know vc/investors. Learn more about Tiers

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