How to get Facebook Business Manager verified

Business Manager verification is required in order to get Approval for WhatsApp Business API and do any kind of automation.


  1. GST Certificate - for Legal Name verification

  2. Bank statement(proprietorship) or Incorporation certificate(private limited company) - for address verification. Address should be visible on statement, transactions are not necessary.

  3. Your website should have mention legal business name somewhere. If your legal business name and brand name is different, you can add copyright by legal name at the bottom. This is very important to show the association.

  4. Business email address(such as instead of gmail address is preferred and gets faster verification.


  1. Go to and select your business manager account or create one if you like to, as shown in the image below.

    2. Go to Business Settings from settings icon at the bottom left. Sometimes it may not take you to business settings. if your settings screen appears as shown below, click on "More business..."

    and if your screen appears as shown below, click on Business Settings.

    3. Go to Security Centre -> Start Verification as shown in the image below. If "Start Verification" button is disabled" please follow this article to enable it, and then come back here.

    4. Enter Legal Name exactly as it is shown in GST certificate (word to word). Do not enter Trade name, otherwise application will be rejected.

    5. Enter address/town/state/pin exactly as it is shown in Bank statement or incorporate certificate.

    6. Enter your phone number and website. This phone number will not be used on WhatsApp, so you can enter any number such as customer support, reception or any contact number.

    7. Go to next step and select your business if it appears, or select "None of these match" and go to next step.

    8. Upload GST certificate for legal name verification. Select language as "English(US)" and go to Next step.

    9. Upload bank statement or Incorporation certificate for address verification. Select language as "English(US)" and go to Next step.

    10. In this step verification via email is easier. Enter your business email which is connected with your domain/website(eg. Verification code will be sent on email. Enter code to verify your email and submit your request.

    11. Come back tomorrow and follow Step 1 & 2. It will show the status such as verified/pending/rejected. After verification it will be displayed as shown in the picture below.

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