How to enable Facebook Business verification option

If you have faced issue during Facebook Business Manager Verification that verification option is not enabled, follow the steps below. Please note we creating this app only to enable verification option. This app or any information entered here will not be displayed to customers.


  1. Go to & Login if not already from button shown in top right(↗️). If this if your first, click on "Get Started" on top right(↗️) and finish the sign up process.

  2. Now we will create an app within your business manager account. Click on "My Apps" in top right(↗️) and click on "Create App" button

  3. Select app type as "Business" and click next, as shown below.

  4. Enter App name as "QuickReply", enter your email and be sure to select your business manager from dropdown as shown below:

    5. Now go to Settings -> Basic from left sidebar (⬅️) Here we need to fill 4 things as shown in the image below Privacy Policy URL: Terms of Service URL: App Icon: It has certain requirements, so download logo from attachments section in the bottom. Category: Select first option (Business and pages) Click on "save changes" button at bottom right (↘️)

    6. Just above "Save changes" button click on "+ Add platform" button, Select "Website" and go to Next as shown below.

    7. Enter Site URL: and save changes again.

    8. Now navigate to App Review -> Permissions and Features from left side bar and on first row click on "Request Advanced Access". If the the button is not visible, it means your screen width is small, and you need to scroll horizontally to see this button.

    9. At the top click on "Continue the Request" button.

    10. Scroll down to bottom and click on "Provide Verification details"

    11. In the popup enter "QuickReply verification" as shown below and save.

    Now verification option should enabled. Go back to Business Manager Verification. If it is still not enabled then you need to create a new Business Manager Id, as shown in that article.

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