How to integrate PayU for COD-to-Prepaid WhatsApp Campaigns?

Now, you can enable COD-to-Prepaid Campaigns on WhatsApp. In this campaign, will send payment requests to end-user on WhatsApp and will incentivise them to prepay for their order now.

To enable this payment collection via PayU, you need to do the following setup

  1. Create and share the following with us at

    1. PayU Client ID

    2. Secret Key

    3. Merchant ID

  2. Setup the Webhook in PayU

1. Generate Client-id & Secret Key

The API Keys section allows you to view and reset the existing API keys.

To get the client ID and secret from the PayU Merchant Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to the following URL and log in to Merchant Dashboard.:

  1. Select Payment Gateway under Collect Payments from the menu on the left pane.

The Payment Gateway Integrations page is displayed similar to the following screenshot.

  1. Click Get Client Details.

The Enter Password pop-up page is displayed to confirm your password for security.

  1. Enter your password and click Proceed.

The Client ID and Secret is displayed in the pop-up page.

2. Add Webhook Endpoint

To add a new webhook:

  1. Select Settings > Webhook.

The Create Webhooks page is displayed with the list of webhooks.

  1. Click Create Webhook on the top-right corner of the Create Webhooks page.

The Create Webhook pop-up page is displayed.

Select any of the following types from the Type drop-down list:

  • Payments

  • Select the event type from the Event drop-down list.

  • Successful

  1. Enter the webhook URL in the Webhook URL field.

  2. Click Create to finish.

Once Done, Please share the keys & Merchant-id with Support on To get Merchant-id, kindly click on the profile section on the top right hand and you will see merchant-id

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