Account health and blocking

What happens if the user blocks/reports messages? WhatsApp maintains account health in 3 categories: Green/Orange/Health. Based on the number of users blocking, your account health will be determined. How do I know who blocked my messages or how many users blocked them? WhatsApp does not disclose such details. We can only get to know the account's health. We can't know what % of users have been blocked. Will WhatsApp block my account? Yes, if you keep sending messages even in the Red category, your account may get blocked. We recommend pausing promotional activity until your account goes to Orange and red. It may take up to 7 days for an account to move to Green if you have stopped promotional messages. Can I send promotional messages with third-party data? As per WhatsApp legal policies, you need to have an active optin from a user to send a message. There are no technical restrictions. When you upload the list of users to QuickReply for promotional messaging, we assume you have optin from those users. It is your responsibility to manage the list of users who has opted-in. See Also

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