Managing your team is a crucial task when it comes to managing permissions, roles, and privacy within an organization. Here at, we have everything set up for you. You just need to assign roles individually to each Agent. Let us learn about how you can proceed with managing your Team.

Adding new Agent

  1. Go to the Teams panel by clicking on the Teams button on the left side bar.

  2. Click on the +Add Agent button.

    3. A new page will pop up asking for the details of the customer. Enter all details like Name, Email, Password.

    Assigning Role

    There are three types of roles that you can assign to anyone in your team. Agents with any of the three roles will have access to the Conversations, Flash Responses, Live View, prospects, and Team. Let us see what special privileges each role brings in.

    1. Owner: An Owner will have access to the Management tools like Analytics and AI Builder. An Owner can add new agents.

    2. Admin: An Owner will have access to Analytics but not the AI builder. An Admin can add new Agents.

    3. Member: A Member will not have access to Analytics or the AI builder. A Member can not add new Agents.

    After Assigning the role select the relevant Email Template and click on Add Agent button. This will send an email to the Agent from where he will be able to login into your company's QuickReply account.

    Note: An Owner can change the Role of all agents anytime in the future.

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