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Google Analytics Report

How to measure E-commerce Conversion via QuickReply.ai?
To measure the E-commerce conversion via QuickReply.ai, you can integrate Google Analytics with QuickReply.ai.
Here are the steps:
You might see a couple of prompts (if you are using Google Data Studio for the first time) as shown below. Just complete them:
  • Add your country & company name
  • Accept Terms of Service
  • Setup your email preferences (as per your preference)
Now you can again click on the button Use Template and you will see this prompt.
  • Here click on the options in the New Data Source
  • Scroll to the bottom-most where you see the option,
    and click on that to create a new data source
  • From the options, choose Google Analytics under Google Connectors
  • You will see a screen like this, on that click on Add to Report
  • You will see a button to Authorise Google Data Studio to access Google Data Studio data, click on that.
  • Now, you will see a list of your GA properties, choose the property associated with your website where you are driving traffic via QuickReply.ai
  • Once, you choose the property, you will see this prompt with the new property selected in New Data Source. In our sample, we have connected Roopayur's GA4 property with this report.
  • Click on Copy Report to generate your report with your own data
  • You can now rename the report to your liking and can share it with your team.