Order and Revenue Attribution

How does QuickReply.ai track conversions and attribute revenue generated?

QuickReply.ai uses a standard 72-hours attribution period like Facebook Ads and email marketing platforms such as Klaviyo.

This means that anyone reading, clicking or replying to any message sent from QuickReply.ai on WhatsApp and purchasing within 72 hours would be attributed as a conversion from QuickReply.ai.

There are some scenarios where we are not able to track the conversions

  • When users have turned off read receipts on their WhatsApp (When users turn off blue ticks on messages), the read information is not shared by WhatsApp to us. We do not get to know if they have read the message of not

  • When users read message on one phone number, but then place the order via another number.

Why are QuickReply Analytics not matching with those in Shopify or Google Analytics?

Shopify says

There’s no such thing as 100% “true” marketing attribution.

Before you read further, we urge you to read this blog from Shopify

Marketing Attribution: Seeing the Customer Journey More Clearly

If you’ve been marketing long enough, you’ll notice that for any given date range, different platforms might provide different values and credit for conversions, depending on the report you look at.

When you look directly in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, or even your Shopify reports, you might notice discrepancies. So what should become your source of truth?

Technically, all of them are “correct.” They just view marketing differently. Here’s a primer on how each one works.

There are multiple attribution models in marketing and none is perfect. Every attribution model helps you understand the campaign performance in a limited view (which is not accurate). But it can help you compare your different campaigns and to understand what works or what not.

PlatformAttribution Criteria

Google Ads

By default, the Google Ads attribution window setting shows actions taken within 30 days of clicking on your ads using last click attribution.

Facebook Ads

Facebook defaults to last click attribution with attribution windows of within 24 hours of viewing your ad and within 28 days of clicking your ad.


Shopify will track clickable actions across different paid and unpaid channels. Shopify’s analytics will remove duplicate conversions from all channels and will give credit to the last touchpoint in a conversion journey even if it’s a direct visit to your store.


For Klaviyo, a conversion occurs when a recipient opens your message and places order in next 5 days.


For QuickReply.ai, a conversion occurs when a recipient read, replied or clicked on WhatsApp message and places order in 3 days of message sent.

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