"This business is now working to manage this chat", what does this mean?

When a business uses WHatsApp Business API to help them manage and store their messages, the users see the message - “This business works with other companies to manage this chat.”

WhatsApp has three products available for the public as of now:

  1. WhatsApp Messenger

  2. WhatsApp Business

  3. WhatsApp Business APIs - (This is what we use with QuickReply.ai)

Since WhatsApp Business APIs can be managed with Automation and Integrations unlike WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business which are available for Manual Human use, META wants to make sure that their end-users are aware of the fast that the messages they are receiving from a business are coming up via an intermediary API partner of business and could have automated responses as well.

You can read the Meta's documentation for this here. It's universally applicable to all business using WhatsApp Business API

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