Creating a Broadcast

A step-by-step guide on how to run a broadcast

Before you can schedule a broadcast, ensure your template is approved. Here's a step-by-step guide👇

pageCreating a WhatsApp template

Click on "Sync Templates" to fetch the latest approval status from WhatsApp.

Create a new Broadcast

Now that your template is approved, let's create a Broadcast.

  • Click on ‘Create New Broadcast.’

  • Give a name to your Broadcast.

  • Select the Broadcast category (Promotional/Transactional) and click ‘Continue.’

Choose the Promotional category if the broadcast is intended to drive sales and you want to track:

  • Revenue generated

  • Amount spent

  • Orders attributed

  • Return on investment

  • Conversion rate

  • Link clicks, button clicks, click-through rates

  • Select a pre-approved template and click ‘Save & Next.’

  • Upload a list of recipients.

You can do it in two ways:

For Shopify Users:

  • Create multiple Customer Segments.

  • Sync them with

  • Fetch Dynamic values from your Live Customer Database.

Ensure the media type matches the approved template. More on Media Types.

  • Input the Actual Variable Values: After using sample values for template approval, it's now time to input the genuine values for the Broadcast.

If a variable's value changes for different recipients, select either 'From Excel File' or 'From Shopify Segment.'

Select attributes like 'First Name,' 'Last Name,' and so on from the Shopify data, provided you've chosen the 'From Shopify Segment' option.

Input a fallback value to be used if the selected data isn't available in Shopify. A preview is available on the right side.

Input the URL for the button, which will redirect users upon clicking. Then, click 'Save & Next.'

If a variable has a consistent value for all recipients, input that value directly into the text box.

  • Select an action to take when a recipient responds, choosing either from pre-trained or custom bots.

  • From the dropdown menu, choose 'Yes' if you wish to incorporate UTM Parameters for link tracking (recommended).

  • Determine the Messaging Limit. Opt for 'Pause Broadcast' if the daily message count surpasses the set limit (recommended).

  • Select your Skip rules and click ‘Save & Next.’

  • Prior to scheduling the broadcast, send a test message to preview its appearance on a mobile device.

  • Choose the desired date and time for your broadcast.

  • Once done, click ‘Schedule.’

  • Voila! You have successfully scheduled your first broadcast message.

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