Drip Campaigns by QuickReply.ai

Step-by-step guide on how to run drip campaigns on WhatsApp

Traditionally used in email marketing, Drip campaigns have found a new playground on WhatsApp. This documentation will guide you through the intricacies of setting up and executing a successful drip campaign on WhatsApp.

Here are the primary drip campaign types you can execute on WhatsApp:

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Here is the Sequence journey for Abandoned Carts Recovery:

  • Abandoned Cart 1: After 15 minutes - A gentle nudge to the customer, reminding them of the products they were interested in and left behind in their cart.

  • Abandoned Cart 2: After 4 hours - Highlight your brand's testimony or unique selling proposition (USP) to entice the customer back.

  • Abandoned Cart 3: A day after the initial abandonment - Present an enticing discount without expiration to motivate the customer to finalize their purchase.

  • Abandoned Cart 4: After three days - Present a second discount, but this time with a validity period to create a sense of urgency or FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

  • Abandoned Cart 5: After five days - Send a feedback cum reminder message, asking the customer about their shopping experience and reminding them of their abandoned cart.

If a user places a new order or creates another abandoned checkout at any point before the final message is dispatched, the scheduled messages will be halted and won't be delivered to the user. This is precisely why we recommend holding off on offering discounts in the initial messages. Experience shows that many customers can be re-engaged and converted without the lure of discounts, thereby preserving your valuable resources and maximizing profitability!

COD Confirmation Campaigns

To mitigate the risks of dummy orders and reduce RTO (Return to Origin) instances—often resulting from incorrect addresses or erroneous order details—QuickReply.ai introduces a systematic approach with its COD Confirmation Campaigns. This strategy allows you to dispatch confirmation messages to users, ensuring order accuracy and intent before proceeding with order fulfillment. This streamlines the process and enhances customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

COD Confirmation messages can be dispatched sequentially, coupled with reminders. This systematic approach ensures that customers are consistently nudged, leading to more confirmations and reducing the number of Return to Origin orders.

COD to Prepaid

It's a common observation that customers exhibit high enthusiasm when placing an order. However, as the delivery timeline extends, this excitement can wane, leading some to abandon their orders. This results in potential losses for your store.

To address this challenge, QuickReply.ai introduced COD to Prepaid campaigns. These campaigns allow customers to switch their COD orders to prepaid, often sweetening the deal with an incentive. This ensures a commitment from the customer and encourages a shift towards prepaid payments, reducing potential order drop-offs.

Understanding the evolving payment preferences, QuickReply.ai offers support for UPI Preferred payment links. This feature elevates the payment experience for your customers by directly launching UPI apps on their smartphones, bypassing the need for other payment gateways. This is especially beneficial if a significant portion of your customer traffic originates from Tier 2 or Tier 3 cities, ensuring a seamless and familiar payment method for them.

Shipment Alerts: Nurturing Customer Relationships

Timely communication is one of the best ways to foster trust and nurture relationships with your customers. Shipment alerts testify to your brand's commitment, reminding customers of your unwavering support and bolstering your brand image. With QuickReply.ai, you can keep your customers in the loop at every stage of their order journey:

  1. Order Fulfilled - Confirmation that the order has been processed.

  2. Order Label Printed - Signifying the order is being prepped for dispatch.

  3. Order Ready for Pickup - The order is packed and awaiting courier pickup.

  4. Order Picked Up - The courier has collected the order and is on its way.

  5. Order In Transit - The order is en route to its destination.

  6. Order Out for Delivery - The order is in the final stages and will be delivered shortly.

  7. Attempted Delivery - A delivery attempt was made, but the recipient was unavailable.

  8. Delivery Failure - The order couldn't be delivered due to specific reasons.

  9. Order Delivered - The order has successfully reached its recipient.

Feedback Campaigns: Strengthening Post-Purchase Engagement

With QuickReply.ai, the customer journey doesn't end once an order is delivered. We believe in the power of continuous engagement and the value of customer feedback. Our platform facilitates timely feedback campaigns, prompting users to share their reviews and insights about the products they've received. Here's what our feedback initiatives encompass:

  1. Feedback/Review Campaigns: Encouraging customers to voice their experiences and opinions, helping you refine your offerings.

  2. Repurchase Offers with Feedback: Combining feedback requests with enticing offers, incentivizing customers to make another purchase.

  3. Guidance on Order Nurturing: Providing customers with videos, images, and step-by-step instructions to make the most of their orders, ensuring they derive maximum value from their purchase.

Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Campaigns: Maximizing Customer Value

Your customers' journey shouldn't end with just one product. With QuickReply.ai, you can tap into the potential of every purchase and enhance the shopping experience. Leveraging advanced AI capabilities, our platform analyzes the customer's behavioral patterns and purchase history. Based on this data, it intelligently suggests products that complement or elevate their current purchase.

These smart recommendations increase the average order value and provide customers with a holistic shopping experience, ensuring they get the most out of their interactions with your brand.

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