Drip Campaigns by QuickReply.ai

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Here is the Sequence journey for Abandoned Carts Recovery:
  • Abandoned Cart 1 - After 15 minutes - Casual Reminder
  • Abandoned Cart 2 - After 4 hours - Your Brand's Testimony/ USP
  • Abandoned Cart 3 - After 1 day - First Discount (No Validity)
  • Abandoned Cart 4 - After 3 days - Second Discount (with Validity - To create a FOMO)
  • Abandoned Cart 5 - After 5 days - Feedback cum Reminder
Casual Reminder
Brand's USP
First Discount
Second Discount (with Validity)
Feedback cum Reminder
At any stage, before the last message has been sent, if the User places a new Order or creates a new Abandoned Checkout, the scheduled messages are paused and not sent to the user.
This is the reason we suggest not sending the Discounts in the first messages itself because people are more likely to be converted even without Discounts, saving your hard-earned money!

COD Confirmation Campaigns

To avoid Dummy Orders, or avoiding any RTO (Return to Origin) Orders mostly due to Incorrect Addresses or Wrong Order Details, QuickReply.ai offers a Sequential journey of COD Confirmation Campaigns where you can send Confirmation messages to Users before fulfilling the Orders.
COD Confirmation
Order Confirmed
COD Confirmation messages can also be sent in Sequences with Reminders to the Customers so that Confirmations decrease the Return to Origin orders.

COD to Prepaid Recovery

Customers are usually very excited at the Time of Ordering but till the Delivery timeline is reached, many people drop the Orders resulting in losses for your Store.
QuickReply.ai offers COD to Prepaid Recovery Campaigns which Offer the users a chance to Prepay for their COD orders mostly with an Incentive to encourage the Prepaid payments.
QuickReply.ai supports UPI Preferred payment links which enhance the Payment experience for your Customers by directly opening UPI apps on their smartphones avoiding any other Payment Gateways. This comes Handy when your major Customer Traffic comes from Tier 2 or Tier 3 cities.

Shipment Alerts

Everyone loves to Nurture your Customers with Timely alerts about their Orders so that they get reminded of your Continued Support and Brand Image enhancing your Relationships with the Customers.
  • Order Fulfilled
  • Order Label Printed
  • Order Ready for Pickup
  • Order Picked Up
  • Order In Transit
  • Order Out for Delivery
  • Attempted Delivery
  • Delivery Failure
  • Order Delivered
Order Shipped
Order In Transit
Order Delivered
Delviery Feedback
Product Reviews

Feedback Campaigns

QuickReply.ai doesn't leave your hand even after your Order is Delivered. We offer timely Feedback campaigns that encourage the users to leave their Reviews and Feedback on the Products.
  • Feedback/ Review Campaigns
  • Repurchase Offers along with Feedback
  • Sending them Videos, Images, and Steps on nurturing their Orders

Cross-Sell and Up-sell Campaigns

Don't let your Customers leave with their Current Product!
QuickReply.ai offers smart AI features that capture the Customer's Behavioural and Purchase Journey and proposes Smart Recommendations on Products that could go in Sync with their Existing purchase.