How to integrate CashFree for COD-to-Prepaid WhatsApp Campaigns?

Now, you can enable COD-to-Prepaid Campaigns on WhatsApp. In this campaign, will send payment requests to end-user on WhatsApp and will incentivise them to prepay for their order now.

To enable this payment collection via CashFree, you need to do the following setup

  1. Share CashFree App id & Secret with us over

  2. Setup the Webhook in CashFree

Add Webhook Endpoint

To add a new webhook,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > Developers or click the Developers option from the homepage.

  2. Click Add Webhook Endpoint to create a new webhook. Enter the endpoint URL and select the webhook version using the drop-down menu. The available API versions are: 2021-09-21, 2022-09-01. Click on Test to verify if the webhook endpoint returns a response. Once done, click Next.

3. Select the events success payment and click Add Webhook.

Generate API KEY

The API Keys section allows you to view and reset the existing API keys.

To access API keys,

  1. Go to Payment Gateway Dashboard > and click on Developers> API Keys. Click API Keys under Payment Gateway.

  2. In test environment API keys will be auto-generated. In prod-environment you need to click on Generate API Keys button and do OTP authentication to generate the keys. However you'll be able to generate prod API keys only once your Payment Gateway is activated.

  3. Once generated, the API keys are shown in an embedded format. To view the full set of keys, click the ellipsis icon and select View API Key. In prod environment you would be required to do OTP authentication to view the keys. You can download the API keys if required.

Once you have API key and Secret downloaded, Please share the keys with Support on

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