Onboarding Steps

Getting started on the QuickReply journey (quickly)


Account Creation

  • After creating your account, ensure all requested details are filled in before proceeding to the subscription process.

Verified Facebook Business Manager

  • Your Facebook Business Manager must be verified. You can check the Business Manager Verification status from here.

  • If it isn’t verified, please verify it first by following these steps.

Phone Number Eligibility for WhatsApp API

  • Ensure the phone number isn't currently active on WhatsApp.

  • If the Phone number is connected to any other Business Service Provider (BSP), 2FA needs to be disabled for adding the number to QuickReply.ai.

  • If you want to use your current running Phone number, you might need to Delete the WhatsApp account on that number.

  • Once linked to the WhatsApp API:

    1. The number cannot revert to standard WhatsApp Business or the WhatsApp Messenger used on mobile devices.

    2. Access to the number will be exclusively through the QuickReply dashboard.

    3. All chat history and contact data will be erased.

Initial Subscription

  1. Pre-requisites Submission:

    • Ensure all prerequisites are completed before proceeding with the subscription process.

  2. Initiating Subscription:

    • Begin your subscription here.

    • If the displayed currency is USD and you require INR prices, please contact the Onboarding Team or email help@quickreply.ai.

  3. Subscription Costs:

    • The subscription fee covers access to QuickReply’s dashboard.

    • Separate per-message fees are payable to WhatsApp, which are not included in the subscription amount.

    • View detailed pricing here.

  4. Subscription Start Dates:

    • WhatsApp begins its subscription from the day the WABA (WhatsApp Business API) account creation starts.

    • Your platform subscription starts from the day payment is made.

  5. Dependencies and Delays:

    • Be aware of potential delays due to dependencies on WhatsApp APIs. More details can be found in the API Account Setup and Initial Campaigns Setup sections.

  6. Per Message Pricing:

    • Costs are determined by the recipient's location, not the sender's (your API account).

    • Prices vary across global regions. Check regional pricing here.

Timeline & Process for API Account Setup

  1. Initiation:

    • After providing all prerequisites and completing the initial subscription, we'll begin setting up your API account on WhatsApp.

  2. BSP Approval:

    • Approve the request from the Business Solution Provider (BSP) in your Facebook Business Manager to forward details to WhatsApp for approval. This can be done in two ways: a. Grant us Admin Access to your Facebook Business Manager. b. Join a screen-sharing session (via Team Viewer/Anydesk) so we can guide you through the steps.

  3. WhatsApp Approval Timeline:

    • Generally, approvals from WhatsApp take 2 to 4 days. However, this can extend to 7 to 10 days if any issues arise.

  4. Key Approval Points from WhatsApp:

    • Business Approval (including Commerce Policy and Terms of Service).

    • Display Name Approval.

    • WhatsApp OTP Verification.

  5. Verification and Integration:

    • We'll trigger an OTP to your phone number during the verification process. Approximately 2-3 days after this, your account will be live on WhatsApp. Subsequently, we'll integrate it with QuickReply.ai and finalize the initial setup.

Delays or rejections by WhatsApp during the approval process can affect the projected timeline.

Setting Up Initial Campaigns

  1. Account Setup on QuickReply.ai:

    • After your WhatsApp API Account is fully established, we'll begin configuring your account on QuickReply.ai.

  2. Initial Campaign Steps:

    • Submit initial templates to WhatsApp for approval.

    • Set up automated campaigns, such as Abandoned Cart recovery and Order Alerts.

  3. Template Approval Timeline:

    • WhatsApp's automated process for template approval typically takes up to 2 days. However, in rare cases, this can take longer.

We don't have control over the speed of approvals or reasons for rejections by WhatsApp.

Testing the Initial Campaigns

  1. Campaign Setup:

    • After setting up the automated campaigns, the QuickReply.ai team will conduct tests in a controlled environment.

  2. Testing Details:

    • We'll request partial collaborator access to your Shopify store.

    • Test orders will be placed using the following details:

      • Customer Name: Test Test

      • Customer Tag: QR-test

  3. Post-Testing:

    • Once testing is complete, all test orders will be canceled.

Making The Account Live

After the initial campaigns are fully configured, and messages are operational, please contact our team at help@quickreply.ai for any adjustments or modifications.

Do's and Don'ts

Please note that 360Dialog is our Credit Partner from META.

You are suggested to "Not delete the Integration and Access" from the Facebook Business Manager. Disintegration may lead to a permanent stoppage in Inflow and Outflow messages for the API number.

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