Broadcasts Guide

To schedule and run a Broadcast, you need to get a Template Approved first. Here is a guide for Approving a Template.

Create a new Broadcast

You may click on Sync Templates to fetch the latest approval status from WhatsApp. https://app.quickreply.ai/campaigns/templates
Now that your Template is Approved, let's create a Broadcast.
Shopify Segment
Excel File
If you are using Shopify then you can create multiple Customer Segments and directly sync them with QuickReply.ai and fetch Dynamic values directly from your Live Customer Database.
If you are not using Shopify or have an external Data source for the contacts, then you can go with the Excel File option.
It is advisable to use the Contacts of only those users who have at least interacted once with your Brand. Using third-party Contact Data can lead to the degradation of your WhatsApp API Account Health.
  • Choose a relevant Category for the Template.
Choose the Promotional Category if the broadcast is intended to drive sales for your store and you want to track:
  • Total Revenue generated
  • Total Amount Spent on that Broadcast
  • Total Orders attributed to that Broadcast.
  • Return on Investment
  • Conversion Rate
  • Link Clicks
  • Button Clicks
  • Click-Through rates
Choose the Transactional Category if you want to:
  • Total Messaged Read
  • Conversion Rate
  • Link Clicks
  • Button Clicks
  • Click-Through rates

Selecting a Template

  • Choose a Template that you want to schedule the Broadcast for.
The Template must be Approved before you can see it in the list.

Recipients and Contacts

Uploading Media File

The Media File you upload should be of the same Media Type that the Template is approved with. You can read more about it in Selecting a Media Type while Applying for Template.

Entering Variable Values

While applying for Template Approvals you entered Samples values, but now it's time to enter real values to the Broadcast.
  • If the value of any Variable is Dynamic for each recipient then click on From Excel File.
  • If the value of any Variable is Static for each recipient then enter the value directly in the Text box.

Uploading Excel Sheet with Recipient List

Once you have entered all the values in the Variables, QuickReply.ai will automatically create a sample Excel file for you with pre-filled Column headers.
If you face any error while uploading an Excel file from an external source, please make sure:
  • The Column headers are mentioned as phone, {{1}}, {{2}}, and so on.

Removing Errors and Duplicates in Contacts

If there are any errors in the Excel Sheet, it will give you two options:
  • Skip Errors
  • Download the sheet with Cells marked for Errors.
If there are any Duplicate phone numbers in the Excel Sheet, it will give you two options:
  • Upload with Duplicates
  • Remove Duplicates


Dynamic URL Button
Quick Reply Button
If you haven't added any UTM parameters while Template approval:
  • You have an option to add UTM parameters automatically.
If you want to initiate a customized flow once the recipient clicks on the button:

Message Limits

If your Daily Quota Limit exceeds while the Broadcast is running, you have two options:
  • Pause Broadcast (recommended)
  • Skip Messaging check and keep sending to the complete recipient list.
Skipping Messaging checks can cause High Failure Rates unless you are sending repeat broadcasts to the people within 24 hours rolling time period.

Testing and Scheduling

You will be able to see the Estimated cost for the Broadcast that you are scheduling.
Please make sure that you have sufficient Balance in your WhatsApp Wallet.
Before scheduling, always send a Test Message on your number and verify the following on your Smartphone:
  • Media Preview
  • Variables Placement
  • URL parameters

Schedule for Future Timeline

Once you are done testing your message, now you can select the Timeline for the future for which you want to schedule the Broadcast.
Please click on Submit and reverify the Timeline that the Broadcast is to be scheduled for.